Our amazing team — bringing love around full circle.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Erica Krutzen, Owner

Erica Krutzen was born in Canada and spent many years travelling abroad. Her spiritual practices are based in Eastern cultures which brought her love of fine fabrics, rich textiles and the beauty of the traditions into creating LovePrema. Having worked with an international charity for several years, Erica knew it was important that there is a social responsibility aspect to the business. Benefiting everyone involved bringing love full circle.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

 Kadek & Nita - Clothing Designers in Bali

Kadek started her business in 1991 in Ubud, Indonesia with her family selling batik clothing. They made a variety of tradition balanese clothing such as sarongs, silk dresses and t-shirts. In 2014 there were many people practicing yoga near their shop. At which point they realized this was the perfect opportunity to start designing and creating yoga clothing. 

They started slowly building a sample line of different styles of yoga wear and now have a successful business selling internationally. We are proud to have them as part of the Love Prema team to be co-creating designs together.  

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Sudiana & Yani - Jewellery Designers in Bali

Sudiana is a Balinese artist and designer making beautiful brass and silver pieces sometimes combed with feathers.  His designs are inspired by the Balinese temples and their ornate decorations and by the Balinese art and it's intricate details.  Adding feathers came from an idea Sudiana had when he saw the local feathers used in ceremony and thought he could use them after for jewellery so they didn't go to waste.  When he first started to make jewellery he only worked with bone and horn. After he got married his wife encouraged him to try making jewellery with silver and brass.  Sudiana and his wife now work together.  They employ 10 staff who work in good conditions and have clients in Australia, America and Canada.