Sianna Sherman is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, community activator, evocative storyteller and a passionate speaker at festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, creator of the Goddess Yoga Project in partnership with Yoga Journal and co-founder of Urban Priestess - a platform that serves the empowerment of women. 

Sianna was featured in Yoga Journal as one of the main teachers shaping the future of yoga. As a globetrotting yogini, she offers high vibration gatherings, teacher trainings, workshops, sacred site retreats and pilgrimages as an offering of Love. Sianna is an innovative, visionary spirit with a deep devotion to Soul Alchemy. Her vision is to serve for the Benefit of All Beings & awaken magic into the world!

Instagram @siannasherman


Sandra Leigh teaches yoga, relaxation and meditation to all ages in Vancouver, BC.

Her TV Show 'Yoga Moves for Every Body' on Shaw TV Channel 4 is also available on YouTube by subscribing to 'YMFEB' Channel at:

'Give Peace a Chant' is Sandra’s Kirtan project for the practice of bhakti yoga arts and peace through mantra music. Her latest CD 'Divine Play' is available on Bandcamp

Sandra supports local ventures with a passion and her vision and contributions are exceptional. 


Zain Saraswati Jamal is an internationally renowned Yogini, HARD CORE Coach & MIDWIFE to the Soul, Medicine Woman and Wholefood Alchemist.

Her life is in service to the elevation of the divine feminine consciousness on the planet. Yoga practitioner for 29 years and teacher for 18, Zain is known for her Kundalini Nirvana Flow, a powerful culmination of Kriya interwoven with classical Vinyasa, dance and deeply grounding Hatha asana that serves to balance and awaken the chakras and shift energy into higher vibrational realms.

She currently teaches private and public classes and workshops in her hometown of Vancouver, BC as well as in festivals around the world. To find out more about Zain, please visit her website: or check out her classes on and on


Maya Doytchinova is the embodiment of intuitive, conscious, & playful teaching for colourful, open spirits. She has lifetimes of experience as a student & teacher, rooted in an eclectic collection of yoga, dance, ceremony, shamanism, tarot, & holistic nutrition. 

Blessed with a professional ballet/contemporary dance education, being a former cabaret burlesque performer, and dedicated yogi & teacher in her present, she loves the challenge of blending spiritual & healing practices with passion, pleasure, & fun. 

With a deep devotion for raising awareness & consciousness, while extending a light to those who share the same vision, it was only natural to become an ambassador for Love Prema - a brand with a potent combination of beauty, comfort, & ethics.

Maya is an international yoga teacher from Vancouver, Canada, with deep roots in The Netherlands & Denmark. To learn more, visit



My names Melissa J Armstrong, I am a healer & RYT, I've been promoting and teaching wellness physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically for over 14 years. The work of connection is important to me because it is what drives the human experience. We are all connected and it's our choice whether we are creating loving healthy clear connections or negative ones. 

What I teach is simple, Every thought and action has a consequence in the shaping of your life and reality. I've been propelling thousands of people into higher connections that have brought more aliveness, energy and sensuality into their lives. My main message is to choose love, say yes more and to celebrate everything. My sessions and readings are gentle, effective and highly accurate. Helping you to achieve higher states of living and to move forward and heal from old patterning in your creating and relationships. 

My work can get you unstuck and back into the natural momentum and love of life that exists within you. 

instagram: @melissa.j.armstrong