Love Prema is building a community to bring love full circle to all parts of the world.



Fair Trade Clothing

At Loveprema it's our priority to use fair trade practices. We are in direct partnership with our tailors, jewellers and other artisans in Bali and pay fair wages.  As the owner of Loveprema, I travel to Bali to work with our team and ensure they are treated fairly and are working in good conditions.  Our practices are based on dialogue, transparency and respect to seek greater equity in international trade.  In order to transform and benefit the lives of our Loveprema team we are working on sustainable practices and have also partnered with a local Balinese organization helping disadvantaged woman and children.  Part of our proceeds will be donated to support their ongoing work (please see the page for PKP Women's Centre on our website).  Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through every day shopping.  At Loveprema we believe successful businesses can put people first.


Our Team

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Our team is made up of a shop owners, tailors, jewellers and other artisans that manufacture using fair trade practices. The creation process in Bali provides several jobs for the team from co collaborating on new designs to sewing and making the clothes, jewellery and accessories (mediation cushions, recycled rice bag yoga mats).  Everything is done in consideration of each other and involves working together. By purchasing something from us you support others and in turn feel good wearing our is given and received. 


A Beautiful Setting


The beautiful island of Bali is a paradise.  Life revolves around ceremony and spiritual practices and local people are kind and happy.  Every day offerings are laid out before work begins.  Often work is on hold for ceremonial preparations and celebrations.  Part of Loveprema's journey will be creating awareness of how to keep Bali beautiful and create as little footprint as possible on this amazing eco-system.