Our Team


Our amazing team — bringing love around full circle.

PKP Women's Centre

Sari Pollen is a truly remarkable woman.  She founded PKP woman's centre in 2014 and has been running Sari Hati school for mentally disabled children since 2009.  I had the good fortune of meeting her when I began my business venture in Bali in December 2015. I came form Canada with supplies and money donations and when I met Sari there was an instant connection.  For me it is essential  be able to build a business while giving back to the community and as I grow some of the proceeds will be donated on an ongoing basis to the work she does for many. 

Ambassador Program

Love Prema aims to bring awareness to what we wear,  how it's made and who makes it with the hopes of making the world a better place for everyone. Our mission is to bring love around full circle. We include this in our everyday business practices and also in how we treat the people we work with. Striving to make people's lives better is our number one priority. 

The Ambassador program is an opportunity for people to act as inspirational and influential role models between Love Prema and their beloved communities. Our Ambassadors are loving, fun, inspiration leaders in communities around the globe. They are people who take pride in socially conscious businesses that include fair trade practices. Our Ambassadors motivate people to join Love Prema in making a positive impact around the world.